Financial Planning and Portfolio Management Process with CCP, Inc.

1 Establish and define the relationship during an initial meeting at which time we discuss your basic finances, listen and learn and determine suitability.

2 Sign Contract, complete Risk Tolerance Questionnaire, gather financial data, determine financial goals and open necessary accounts at Charles Schwab.

3 The creation of the Financial Plan will involve advisor analysis and recommendations for all topics considered, including determining portfolio allocation.

4 Jointly review Financial Plan: address questions and see how process comes together. An Investment Policy Statement is reviewed and signed.

5 Investment implementation by CCP, Inc. of your managed portfolio at Charles Schwab.

6 CCP, Inc. will monitor the managed portfolio through quarterly portfolio reviews for any necessary trades due to rebalancing. Quarterly performance reports are issued.

7 Advisors are available for routine check-ins, discussion and questions.

8 Prepare for, schedule and host client Annual Review.



  • Client relationships, goals and needs are our top priority.
  • By providing you financial planning techniques to coordinate and implement your goals, we can assist you in becoming more organized and financially secure.
  • CCP, Inc. builds a diversified portfolio using no-load mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), analyzed and approved by the CCP, Inc. Investment Committee.
  • CCP, Inc. Financial Advisors work with the other Financial Professionals (Tax Accountants, Estate Planning Attorneys, Insurance Agents, etc.) you have designated to help you reach your goals.  CCP, Inc. also makes referrals for professionals who have worked well for our clients, without accepting any referral fees.
  • Throughout the year, we encourage you to share your personal and financial updates, questions and concerns.
  • Each year we revisit your goals, analyze and monitor your Financial Plan through the Annual Review.  We make necessary recommendations and updates to reflect changes in your personal life, economy and current laws.